Welcome to the Miznon

Welcome to the Miznon

Hi everyone, here we introduce our Miznon restaurant after we have met great success.There is a Miznon restaurant in Paris, one in Vienna and three in Tel Aviv. Lucky Number Six has been found in Melbourne with the place of world famous Israeli chef Eyal Shani, opened in Hardware Lane on 23rd Aug 2017


Originally from Tel Aviv, Miznon brought his bags to Paris and Vienna, and now founder Eyal Shani (a famous Israeli cook and TV personality) brought his cheap, veggie centric sandwich to Melbourne in August. In overseas the cheap dining room has grown afterwards – the standing room – only Parisian branch is famous for its open kitchen, which is filled with locals and tourists hungry on a bread pile with slowly cooked lamb or grilled chicken and salad.

Miznon has a cool overseas for its extravagant service and Pita bags filled with high-end ingredients, including Wagyu steak, slowly baked ratatouille and in Paris Outlet, Boeuf Bourguignon, reflecting the owner’s fine dining background.

Success story of Miznon

Eyal Shani is the Master chef of the Miznon group. “I’ve been driving great restaurants for 23 years,” said the Chef in Melbourne this week to oversee the opening of his latest venture. “But I was not happy, I served old, rich people, the food was on the plate in front of them, I could not do it anymore. “I need energy when you make road colour, you get energy from the streets and people on the road, I take that energy and I put it into the food.” The Miznon mask is fast food, but it saves the perfection of good food in a pita. ”


Eyal Shani manages to take the best and freshest ingredients and bring out their flavor in his own creative yet down-to-earth style. He finally bring his artisanal pita and roasted cauliflower signature dish to the heart of Melbourne.

Open daily Midday – 11pm

59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

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