Miznon, Melbourne:Worthy of the cult status

Miznon, Melbourne:Worthy of the cult status

It’s the global sensation that has finally hit our shores and now those in the CBD can feast on the tasty Israeli-style stuffed pita that have gained cult status from Tel Aviv to New York.


Known as the ‘king of cauliflower’ – his whole baked brassica is credited for spawning the now worldwide roasted cauliflower trend – Eyal Shani has added Melbourne to his Miznon pita pocket empire that began in Tel Aviv and has stores in Vienna, Paris and New York.

The celebrity chef has created a little pocket of paradise on tout-central Hardware Lane, where quirky quotes, such as “Each pita has got her unique birth mark. Like you!”, are scrawled on the walls in chalk. You could be on a beach somewhere, the good vibes and blaring, bouncy tunes making you feel like a carefree backpacker.

And that seems to be who’s here – lots of greasy-haired, grungy 20-somethings hanging out with the staff doing shots of arak together. Fun times, man.

But if you have come for the food, there are a dozen filled pita, which, even on its own, is incredible. Cloud-like and pillowy, offcuts are offered along with tahini (also great), sour cream and pickled cabbage to help yourself to gratis while waiting (and you will have to wait) for your pita.

I tried the ‘pita with a bone’ where fatty, chewy lamb ribs that indeed fall off said bone are served with pickles and onion, adding sweet-sharpness.

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A ‘bag of golden meat’ is just that, where a half dozen hunks of soft, oven-roasted beef bits are served in a paper bag with caramelised onions, while the ‘run over’ – a baked potato with sour cream squashed between two pieces of baking paper – is more a fun idea than anything else.

There’s Melbourne Bitter on tap, wines in the fridge and those arak shots that might do the rounds.

The free love vibe doesn’t come cheap though, with little change from $20 for a meat pita pocket that’s shy of a meal in itself. But for a silly, idealistic, tambourine-tapping time out from city life, Miznon’s pita are indeed worthy of their cult status.


Open daily Midday – 11pm
59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

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