Miznon Australia: Israeli New Year

Miznon Australia: Israeli New Year

Rosh Hashana is celebrated as the Jewish New Year among many Jewish communities worldwide. Rosh Hashana lasts for up to two days in many communities. Similarly, This year Miznon got very large crowd on Jewish New Year  in Melbourne.

People loved the Bag of 7 Species of Green Beans, a vegetable salad that Shani lightly cooks with garlic, lime and Mount Zero olive oil. “Nothing is happening but steaming,” Says Eyal shani. Inside each bean pod there is a bubble of air that is like an atmosphere that the bean is living inside. The inner universe of the bean.”

Expect pockets with blood cabbage sausage and rice; steak, egg and avocado; the “Intimate Wagyu and Roots Stew”; and a falafel burger. The soft and fluffy white pitas are prepared off-site at Brunswick’s Alasya Turkish bakery by baker Ismail Bekir.

Out-of-pita options include hot chickpeas “melting on tahini” with a hard-boiled egg and the obtusely named but strangely enticing Aubergine Nervous Rails Cutting. Then there’s a simple baby cauliflower, roasted whole(leaves and all) with a bit of olive oil and served on paper bag. There’s a bleacher-style dancing area and beers on tap to seal the deal and also our new Cocktail – Swedish Donkey – Vodka, Ginger Ale, sage & lemon.

Miznon Australia: Israeli New year

On the topic of Miznon’s culinary focus – pita – Shani is equally romantic: “For me, Miznon is a kind of place where you can translate all of what you see around – the mood, the atmosphere, the energy, the people – into the ingredients. Pita is a translator of a culture.” says Shani.

On September 21, 2017, there was a large crowd in Miznon Australia Restaurant, and the people had wonderful food with joy and celebrated their new year with Miznon.

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