Great success from Miznon

Great success from Miznon

The sixth branch of chef Eyal Shani’s Miznon opened in Hardware Lane on Wednesday in Australia, August 23.Chefs are often excited about ingredients, but I’ve never heard of a wax lyrical about the atmosphere of the beans. However, Israel’s boss Eyal Shani is not a normal cook.

You’ll find the store in the menu-spruiking strip of Hardware Lane. It’s a two-level entity with a bar upstairs and the open kitchen on the lower decks. It’s order-at-the-counter-service right now with your order shouted out as it’s fulfilled. The team dances. The hot plate sizzles. There were many people on the first day of the Miznon opening.

Shani picked up 12 different Victorian green beans. He steamed them lightly, dressed them with lemon, olive oil and sea salt, and put them in a paper bag, as is normal with Miznon, a restaurant with a few plates.The magic happened as he popped each bean in his mouth “I understand that each sleeve has an air bubble, and each bladder has a different character,” he says. “If you eat it, it’s like eating atmospheres in the universe.”
Apart of that He also bring his signature dish of Miznon which is roasted cauliflower to the heart of Melbourne.Food will be served in paper bags, or laid on scrunched baking paper: fish in pita pockets, roasted sweet potato, broccoli doused in tahini, beer in plastic cups. This is Melbourne’s finest dining restaurant that offers you fresh ingredients, knowledge, originality and purity.

Open daily Midday – 11pm

59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

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