A crazy fusion: Miznon Australia

A crazy fusion: Miznon Australia

Master Chef Israel Judge Eyal Shani, appealed to his “street food gone good” is obviously exceptional Israeli cuisine in the world. An Israeli food is made of hundreds of ingredients from all over, just like Israel. Yemenite, Muslims, Persians, Egyptians, Turkish…each community brought their own cuisine to Israeli cuisine, Likewise Shani put his effort, knowledge, originality and purity for Miznon to get popular in the world. His background was in fine dining for 23 years. The pitch is fine dining you can eat with one hand.

He opened his sixth branch of Miznon in Melbourne on 23rd Aug 2017. The vibe here is bustling, the prizes are very reasonable, and the staff are friendly and full of energy. And let’s not forget the most important thing: the food is exceptionally delicious. Huge pitas are filled with your choice of vegetables, chicken, giblets or meal, such as fish and chips or fried spicy yam and cauliflower.

you’ll need to line up to order and give your name. Then make your choice from the tahina, labneh, green chilli sauce and pickle spread, claim a seat and wait for your order to be announced. Drinks include Fat yak or a Campari soda and much more.

One thing’s for certain – to try it is to love it.

Open daily Midday – 11pm
59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

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